“A good design is not just what it looks like and feels like. A good design is about how it works “- Steve Jobs

We specialize in web design and product design and development, Search Engine Optimization, digital advertisement, and brand strategy development; with precise analytical tools, and measurable results that will meet the needs of both small business enterprise, corporations, government and nonprofit organizations.

Once we have determined your target audience and your business plan, we help you choose the right platform to accomplish your goals and an intuitive balance of information, and link up tech deployments to clearly identify key performance issues and help you keep track of performance.


Content Development

A strong and effectively designed content has the power to attract and influence the right audience. To successful target your users, Black Group’s content experts can help you craft compelling stories to relevant topics, and produce captivating images for your target audience.

Our web content development service is a perfect blend of well informed and researched digital strategy that tailors your stories into captivating content that turns visitors into customers.


Online Marketing

To effectively market your products online, the following questions need to be answered. How have you adapted your marketing strategy to address the continuous technological proliferation? The competition is growing – Are you?

Different types of devices are being used for surfing the internet today, and on completely different levels, so are real time opportunities popping up; clients expect your service to be up-to-date and personalized, and also prompt interaction with potential customers is crucial to securing those opportunities. We can help feed your prospect’s digital appetite with colourful and impactful contents, as well as keep watch on emerging trends, thereby interpreting and implementing the best practices for your business growth.



The rapid expansion of e-commerce has made it possible for most companies to set up various kinds of online transactions processes. It has become a necessary feature now for growing companies, and we at Black Group pride ourselves as experts in the creation of such new processes. Terms such as electronic data exchange, online transaction processing, electronic funds transfer, and internet marketing are not new to us, we offer next generation artificial intelligence like do-it yourself tools which are a great way to get started. All of which are designated to certain key components of sophisticate e-commerce systems.

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They say, a picture is worth a thousand words, hence we wireframe for clarity, organization, and so we can easily share ideas while creating, to avoid misunderstanding.


Once we have identified the goals and scope of your project, we create commence a detailed buildup of the sitemap and wireframe that will give you a guide to your website organization and targeted a outline for content creation.


The demand for information is evergreen, and making valuable content is one of the ways we generate leads to build a brand’s recognition. Hence we dedicate ourselves to captivate and persuade your website visitors through informative story telling, captivating images and mind blowing video commercials.


In order to publish your website online, your business website first needs a web hosting service, and we provide the technologies and services needed for websites or web pages to be viewed and tested in the internet 24/7.


Software can be developed for a variety of purposes, the three most common being to meet the specific needs of a specific client/business(Customized software), to meet the perceived need of potential users, and for personal use. Our experts are committed to giving you the very best your company deserves.

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