A good strategy empowers organizations to resolve brand communication challenges and market products more effectively.

Strategic plans succeed when they lead to business growth, give a strong competitive advantage, and lead to excellence in the performance management system.

Black Group provides a comprehensive strategy that makes communication easier between your brand, and the target audience; as well as boost your products reputation in the most profound way possible. We act as your marketing consultant, to help you develop a comprehensive strategy, that will clearly define your goals and ensure that your product/organization, gains a massive competitive advantage.

For start-up businesses without a brand, we recommend that you get a glimpse of some of the advantages of why you should get your products or services branded.


Economic Advantage

Aside from the fact that brands provide consumers with greater choice, quality and value for their money. Brands are an asset to both business owners and consumers by protecting a products uniqueness of clients, and ensuring that standard and quality maintenance for customers.


Social Advantage

In planning for the future of your business, it is no longer enough to just have a good product, or to be the first in the market, or how cheap you set your prices; to get customers attracted; to give your products the longevity it deserves, to make it stand out and evolve from a simple economic entity to a contributing member of society, we must begin to think globally.

Today, brands go beyond just giving companies power over the market, brands provide business owners with new channels to explore and grow from the influence and interaction from customer preferences.


Cultural Advantage

We believe, brands are an expression of a products identity, they give rise to the promotion and protection of local customs, languages, and traditions. They can enhance and improve any business concept including art & fashion, and if done right, can help local products/services gain pride, confidence and improve the talent of the natives. At Black Group, we refine, organize & showcase your business to the rest of the world.


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Whether you are working on a high-level marketing plan or a detailed marketing campaign, we inspire you to stay one step ahead with relevant information about your market, customers and competition that will ensure your plans are built on calculated risks and reality rather than feelings and assumptions.

Our team members during a fact-finding session, answer questions that will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as well as help evaluate your company’s brand and its position in the market. They can also conduct an audience segmentation research project to find out what motivates your costumers to patronize you, obtain the most relevant data to learn about what your clients need, their strategic indicatives, and identify the goals that will fine-tune your brand to meet those specific needs.


Good design is everything.

True user experience goes beyond giving customers what they say they want with simplicity and elegance. Our analysts and design engineers, create a high-quality user experience by converging multiple disciplines and ensuring that they are all in sync to meet the exact needs of customers that cultivates longevity, usefulness and appreciates beauty. We create designs that meet up with high quality expectations of well configured and functional contents for the user end.


A good marketing strategy is driven by a clear and simple definition of brand positioning.

We identify and attempt to own a marketing niche for your brand, product or service and then create a unique impression in the customers’ mind through skilled marketing techniques that will make customers to associate something specific and desirable with your brand.


What is your product/service? Whom is it for? How is it useful?

From our breakthrough research and findings, we derive a clear statement of purpose, relevancy and quantified value that tells the targeted customers why they should buy your product and not from the competition.


We use transparency as a marketing tool to link customers to the right content.

Our goal is to determine what type of content is needed and influence the decision-making process with the right content marketing strategy. So, by collection and analyzing data, we help build a complete customer profile and how we can engage them.


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