A cracked bell will never sound well, so is a brand without a good strategy.

We at Black Group believe that a brand of a product is the face of that product, therefore, it should be given a well data-driven approach, that will communicate heartily and universally with the intended audience.

Our target is to help our clients maximize their full potential, by providing quality research, plus a thorough analysis and interpretation of the raw data that forms the basis for a flexible and logical brand development. With that, we will help you design, develop and put to work a coherent brand communication plan that is guaranteed to take your business to the next level.


Helping Start-ups Start Up

If you are starting a new business, you’re in a unique position to operate as a challenger brand. We can serve as your strategic guide and look at the market sector from the outside, access all the key players, opportunities or lapses in the market and then launch your product with a brand that will challenge and shake up other conventions of the sector. We all know marketing is essential for businesses, but it is even more important for start-ups, which is where we come in.


Managing your Brand

Developing a good relationship with the target audience is a good strategy for your business.

The tangible elements of brand management include the product itself: its look, price, and packaging. While the intangible elements are the experiences and relationship that the consumers share with the brand. As brand managers, our job will be to oversee all aspects of the consumer brand association as well as observe their relationships with the supply chain.


Brand Platform

Every company, including yours needs a brand platform to establish the brand, and guide all marketing decisions.

You may be asking, what is a brand platform? Well, it is the foundation for every piece of brand communication executed, hence making it a very important responsibility. For instance, the brand Volvo, is associated with safety. This may be all the customers in the target market care the most about the product. Not design, not looks, just safety.

Our team of trained analysts can help identify the key components that make up the overall image or perception of your company or brand, by analyzing the following core values like brand vision, mission, personality, and give it tone of voice in the market.

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We dig deep to find insights that will serve as a guide for your brands success.

By combining consumer perception with sound strategy and creativity, we develop and enrich your brand reputation and make the most of digital disruption that will grow your market, engage your audience, tell compelling stories to investors, and all the while; getting you closer to your customers.


A brands purpose when identified, can be used as an excellent marketing tool.

A compelling brand purpose sets out what a product is inclined to present to the world so as to meet a certain need. Its role is to merge customers and their lifestyles alike in the pursuit of that intention. Black Group explores the best patterns in defining an effective brand purpose.


Our designs link all the components related to a product, service, company, or person to the brands Identity

We posses the necessary design skills, and apply where needed great concepts and great execution plans to facilitates the build up of your brands identity- logos, typography, colors, packaging, and messaging. We wont stop until we embed a creative story within the design that will strengthen or refresh the existing reputation of a brand, and make sure your brand identity continues to attract new customers, as well as make existing customers feel at home.


Our brand portfolio and architectural strategy addresses the decision of which markets, or consumer segment to target and what brands to utilize, and how to structure the brand portfolio that will create a lasting relationship and easy navigation of customers to offers that best suits their needs.


As an essential tool, we focus on creating a lasting relationship between you and your target audience.

In managing your brand, we indulge you with five simple steps;

  • Leverage your unique selling proposition.
  • Choose an appropriate medium and means for marketing your products.
  •  Encourage brand utilization management software.
  • Develop your brand internally.
  • Entice influencers to circulate your brand.

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