We render full service; which means, we have got you covered on design and content right through to implementation.
Black Group Strategy & Branding Consulting

 About Us

Founded in 2012, Black Group prides itself in delivering top-notch consulting services from highly trained professionals. Our strategy consulting services are fully tailored to create a well-knitted structure that delivers the best-bespoke consultancy experience for our clients, as we believe that an excellent brand with a fully tailored business strategy is set out for a long lasting business future.

At Black Group, we believe that a unique brand can have a huge impact on your business by giving you a competitive advantage over your rivals and helping you acquire and retain customers at a much lower cost. Branding is a complex process, which requires careful planning and calculated approach.

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Branding and Strategy Consulting is our key motive at Black Group.

Over the years, Black Group has succeeded in making a name for itself and is making headways in being the top leading consulting firm taking over Nigeria one Brand at a time. Our services include Brand Insight, Advertising, Consultancy, Financial Advisory, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Content Development, Website Design, and so much more, as we offer you a 360 branding experience.

Our goal is to help you develop and maintain a strong, purpose-driven brand by translating insights into real and compelling stories that allow your clients to develop meaningful experiences.

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We build brands and help them succeed

We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences. With more than 8 years of knowledge and expertise, we design and code clean websites and apps, we build brands and help them succeed.

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