Brand: Our brand is our reputation and we will protect it in every transaction we conduct. We will be guided by our principles and professional ethics.

Leadership: We lead by example and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We will lead our clients to achieving their full potential.

Adaptability: We adapt to every challenge presented to us with the nimble approach it requires. Every client is different and we are ready to fine tune our services to be readily applicable.

Competence: The bedrock of our services lies in out ability to meet and exceed our clients expectations every time.

Knowledge: We are powered by knowledge and rely on it to keep our engines running. Our clients deserve nothing but the best knowledge relating to their needs.


Looking at the future, we are highly confident that Black Group Consulting has not only the strong background and the appropriate vision.

Our Mission is to become the premier business consulting firm in the ECOWAS region. We are driven by a passion for client success and fulfillment.

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